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The Legal Aid Forum plays a significant role in monitoring the indicators set by the state institutions in their policies on access to justice with information gathered from our network, and through targeted research projects. From the findings of the research, recommendations are made to relevant institutions which lead to concrete actions being taken to address human rights issues, reduce capacity gaps, and introduce innovative solutions to justice problems. It is also these research which form the basis for LAF’s evidence-based advocacy.

The methodologies and techniques used by LAF have proven to be effective in both qualitative and quantitative studies. Some of which include; consultation of existing documentation and reports on subject-matters, secondary data collection through desk review and analysis as well as first-hand data collections through interviews, Focus Group Discussions(FGDs) and survey; data collection using ICT facilities and existing databases.

LAF’s research is conducted by a team of qualified and experienced resource persons with the support from either an ad hoc steering committee members, external reviewers or stakeholders’ working sessions to input and improve the research products.

LAF research has been influential in the areas of Access to Justice, Human Rights and Rule of Law.

Research Reports