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Capacity Building

The Legal Aid Forum engages not only in direct delivery of Legal Aid services but also works to set standards for quality legal aid services in the justice sector through capacity building of justice actors, by increasing their skills, professionalism and ability to provide quality and accessible services to the Rwandan population.

Development of Manuals and Training Modules

In the endeavor to strengthen and build the capacity of Legal Aid Service Providers, Justice actors and other relevant Stakeholders that work to ensure access to justice for the Rwandan people, the LAF develops Manual and Training Modules, which are used to conduct capacity building sessions.

  • Legal Aid Performance Standards Manual (LAPS) in civil matters (land and expropriation, divorce, alimony, succession and search for paternity).
  • Training Module on the law governing persons and family.
  • Training module on the law governing matrimonial regimes, donations and successions...........

Past Capacity Building Sessions.

  • Training of relevant Duty Bearers including RIB, Judges and Public Institutions on Access to Information and Freedom of Express.
  • Training of Journalists on Human Rights and Judicial Reporting.
  • Training on Legal Aid Performance Standards (LAPS).
  • Training on Conflict Resolution.
  • TTraining on data management and electronic reporting.
  • Training on the use of Integrated Electronic Case Management System (IECMS).....