Internal Audit

In addition to our internal mechanisms for regular monitoring and evaluation, LAF conducts impact evaluation studies every three years. We evaluate the relevancy, effectiveness and efficiency of our projects. The LAF strategic plan also integrates specific indicators to be used to access the impact of our work in increasing access to justice.

We also evaluate our impact on increasing the capacity of justice sector actors. We regularly conduct pre-training assessments of the groups for which we conduct trainings which in the past have included our members, the national police, prosecutors, and bailiffs (in charge of enforcing judgements). Those assessments allow us to target specific areas of weakness to ensure that trainings are efficient and effective. In addition, trainings are followed by satisfaction surveys that allow those being trained to evaluate the impact of the trainings they have received.

The Legal Aid Forum’s Internal Audit are:

- RCN Justice & Democratie
- ULK Kigali - Legal Aid Clinic