Workshop Presenting the Findings of the CSO - UPR Mid term Assessment Report.Published on: 31/01/2018

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Civil Society Coalition on UPR presented the findings of its UPR Mid-Term assessment report with key stakeholders that was held at Marasa Hotel.

Rwanda underwent its second UPR review in 2015 on 4th November 2015. During the review, 229 recommendations were received by Rwanda. During the second review, 50 recommendations enjoyed the support of the Rwanda. 103 recommendations enjoyed the support of Rwanda, but Rwanda considers them to be implemented or in the process of being implemented. 75 recommendations did not enjoy the support of Rwanda and would thus be noted.

Partners following the presentation.

A Roadmap for UPR implementation was developed and validated by Treaty Body Taskforce; a cross institutional taskforce which brings together government institutions as well as civil society organizations under the auspices of the MoJ, during its validation workshop held on 21-23 September 2016. The Roadmap spells out against each indicator, specific actions, indicators, timeframe/ deadlines of implementation and responsible institutions in charge of implementing the actions. According to the roadmap of implementation, 12 recommendations were to be implemented by year end 2017, 29 recommendations by year end 2018 and 9 recommendations by year end 2019.

By year end 2017, the implementation of the Second cycle is at half way. It is against this backdrop that the Civil Society Coalition decided to undertake a comprehensive mid-term assessment. The exercise is aimed at assessing the progress made so far, towards the realization of Rwanda’s human rights commitments and specifically as endorsed under the implementation roadmap so that progress is appraised and at the same time to fast track recommendations which are off-target.

Purpose of the stakeholders’ workshop
The purpose of the stakeholders’ workshop is to share the findings of the assessment with relevant key stakeholders—Government line institutions in charge of implementing specific recommendations, the broader civil society, the media, and development partners before submitting the final official report to the Human rights Council and the GoR.

Executive Director, Me Andrews KANANGA describing the Purpose of the stakeholders’ workshop

Overview of the findings:
The Mid–term assessment assesses the progress made in implementing the UPR recommendations to visualize the human rights situation record of Rwanda. The report analyses the legal, policy framework, institutional arrangements underpinning the enjoyment of human rights and specifically analyses the situation 19 corresponding human rights. The Assessment appreciates progress made, flags out issues of concern and makes recommendations on each theme/right

Mr Mudacikwa John presenting the overview of the findings.


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