Joint Awareness Campaign on Crime Prevention at Gihembe Camp on the 26th July, 2018.Published on: 1/08/2018

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On the 26th July, 2018, Legal Aid Forum provided a one joint awareness and community education campaign at Gihembe refugee camp. The campaign was officially launched by the Camp Manager/MIDIMAR Staff in presence of Gihembe Refugees and other invited partners and the total participants were 534.
Camp Manager started his speech by introducing the present guests and other partners who are operating in GIHEMBE Refugee camp. He gave a short brief introduction on the aim of the campaign which was on crime prevention and SGBV Prevention and response

Camp Manager Mr KAMANZI Straton in his brief introduction of the campaign.

The first message was from RIB where he talked about the mission, case reporting pathway and evidence preservation was delivered to the present partners and refugees as follow:
-  RIB missions
• to prevent and pre-empt criminal acts by identifying and investigating them,
• to conduct an investigation intended to identify, stop existing or emerging criminal acts,
• to establish and implement outreach programs aiming at ensuring partnerships and information sharing between RIB and the community;

RIB Representative Mr KALISA Jean Bosco in his opening Remarks

-  Case reporting pathway
On this point RIB staff has reminded all refugees that if there is an incident inside and outside the camp they have to report on time basing on the following pathway:
Any refugee who has any information about the incident he or she has a duty of informing Refugee leaders ,Camp management, Police, RIB and other concerned partners depending on the issue

-  Evidence Preservation
On the part of Evidence preservation of cases, some key discussed points include: the obligations of preserving the evidence to those who reach at the crime scene. Others include referring the incident to RIB, taking the victim to hospitals for immediate assistance and psycho-socio counsel services, etc. Participants were also reminded that the prosecution level cannot follow up the file in case there are no evidences.
After the first discussion, the flow was given to the Prosecutor for her message related to crime prevention.
The second lesson on Prosecution mission and crime prevention was delivered to the present partners and refugees as follow:
-  Prosecution missions:
• Investigating and prosecuting all offences and take decisions without delay
• Taking initiatives to carry out investigations and prosecute crimes where the law does not provide otherwise

NPPA Representative MUSANA Grace

-  Crime prevention
Prosecutor has highlighted different crimes that are often committed by refugees such as sexual abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, early marriage, use of counterfeited documents, and use of different identification.
Refugees were reminded to about the existence of certain conducts qualified as crimes by the Rwandan laws and its related penalties

Before the closing remarks, LAF reminded all refugee the mission of Legal Aid Forum in all Refugee Camps and thanked all partners for the good collaboration with LAF in Gihembe Refugee Camp and in other camps at large in legal aid services provision.


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