Launch of Legal Aid Week 2019.Published on: 29/01/2019

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Legal aid week is an annual event organized by the Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST), the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC), the Legal Aid Forum and the Rwanda Bar Association for the provision of legal aid services to the population, mainly the poor and vulnerable. The theme of this year’s Legal Aid Week is “Rangiza Inshingano yawe Ushyira mu bikorwa ibyemezo by’inkiko”

Left –Right: Mayor of Huye Sebutege Ange, Southern Province Governor - Gasana Emmanuel, Minister of Justice – Rwanda - Hon. Johnston Busingye, Minister of Justice - Morroco - Hon. Mohamed Aujjar and his delegation.

The “Legal Aid Week” activities was held throughout the country, from 21st to 25th January 2019.

The ceremony to launch the “Legal Aid Week” activities at the national level was held on 22nd January in Huye Sector, Huye District.

Minister of Justice, Hon. Busingje Johnston officially launching Legal Aid Week 2019

During his speech “The reason why we launched this event from the sector is because this sector has got many non executed cases, among 2300 cases across all sectors, 667 case are from this sector”

Since 2009, the legal aid week activities focus on providing legal assistance to cases of minors in conflict with law (both criminal and civil cases). Since 2009, main activities of legal Aid week are cases of minors in conflict with law both in criminal and civil matters.

Since 2014, detained pregnant and nursing women as well as other identified cases of most vulnerable detainees such as those with chronic and/or very serious diseases/health conditions also benefited from the legal assistance.

During the LAW, execution of final courts or Abunzi decisions with the focus on Gacaca courts decisions, were also added on to the activities.

Many Huye sector local people attended legal Aid Week 2019 Launch.

LAF Representative Mr. Businge Anthony thanking all partners for their efforts in structuring up Legal Aid Week since 2009.


-  Providing legal assistance and representation in courts of law to cases involving a minor (both criminal and civil cases), detained pregnant and nursing women as well as other identified cases of most vulnerable detainees such as those with chronic and/or very serious diseases/health conditions;

-  Visiting prisons and providing other legal aid services to detainees like legal advice, drafting of legal documents including court submissions, follow up of their cases and advocacy where necessary, legal and human rights education in prisons, etc.

-  Visits to districts by different officials to deliver the message related to the “Legal Aid Week”;

-  Carrying out legal education and awareness campaigns in the Sectors (villages), with the focus on the recently published laws, like the Law governing Persons and Family, the Law governing Matrimonial regimes, Donations and Successions as well as educating the population about the Law on Prevention and Punishment of Gender-Bases Violence.

This will be done by the legal officers from the Ministry of Justice’s Access to Justice Bureaus (established at every district, and commonly known as MAJ) as well as legal officers and paralegals from member organizations of the Legal Aid Forum.

After the launch of Legal Aid Week in Huye Sector, local people were given chances to ask questions regarding their cases.


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