Final Assessment Report on the Implementation of 2015 UPR recommendations by the Republic of Rwanda.


This assessment report, published in June 2020 by the Legal Aid Forum (LAF), focused on the implementation of the recommendations made to Rwanda during the second Universal Periodic Review on 4 November 2015. The Coalition assessed all the recommendations that enjoyed the support of Rwanda, including those that the Government of Rwanda (GoR) considered to have been implemented or are in the process of being implemented. The report is a product of information and data gathered by Coalition members from responsible Government institutions, as indicated in the roadmap for UPR implementation, as well as interviews with Civil Society Organizations and literature review from various institutional and country reports on human rights.

The Coalition notes with satisfaction the strong and improved legal and institutional framework promoting and guaranteeing the enjoyment of human rights in Rwanda, and commends the GoR’s efforts to expedite the development and implementation of well-tailored poverty reduction strategies. Part three of this report further details the findings on the status of specific human rights, in accordance with the recommendations given to Rwanda in 2015. The Coalition overall recommends (1) continued joint collaboration with the Ministry in Charge of Emergency Management to advocate and find needed solution for refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers, (2) to continue the provision of education and health services and other needed social assistance for asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers, (3) awareness for mindset change of the refugees towards self-reliance, and (4) increase budget allocated to refugee feeding program. This assessment report finally recommends that the GoR expeditiously implement those recommendations accepted, including those qualified as ‘implementation in progress’.

Keywords: Universal Periodic Review (UPR); Human rights; Rwanda.

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