Alternative Report to the Second Review of Rwanda by the UPR working group of the Human Rights Council

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The Rwanda Civil Society Coalition on UPR submitted its mid-term assessment alternative report during Rwanda’s second review on 4th November 2015. Its aim was to assess all the recommendations that enjoyed the support of Rwanda, including those that the Government considered to have been implemented or in the process of being implemented based on the current UPR implementation roadmap. In terms of scope, the assessment primarily focused on the accomplishments realized thus far, from January 2016 to December 2017. The report is a product of information and data gathered by Coalition members from responsible Government institutions as indicated in the roadmap for UPR implementation, interviews with Civil Society Organizations and literature review from various institutional and country reports.

In total, 229 recommendations were made. Out of the 229 recommendations, 50 enjoyed the support of Rwanda. 103 enjoyed the support of Rwanda but Rwanda considered some to have been implemented or in the process of being implemented, while 75 did not enjoy the support of Rwanda and they were thus noted. This alternative report recommends (1) raising awareness on responsibilities of each responsible institution assigned specific action(s) under the implementation of the UPR roadmap; (2) strengthening the monitoring and evaluation system on the implementation of specific actions outlined in the UPR implementation roadmap; (3) reporting progress on the 102 recommendations as well which Rwanda considers as implemented or under implementation; and (4) increasing collaboration with and the will to share information with the civil society and other stakeholders on progress made in implementing the recommendations including timely sharing of information and data.

Keyword: Human rights; Universal Periodic Review (UPR) alternative report; Civil society organisations; Rwanda.

PDF - 195.3 kb
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