The Launch of the Legal Aid Week 2016Published on: 10/05/2016

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Since 2009, the Ministry of Justice, the Legal Aid Forum, the Supreme Court, the Bar Association in partnership with other Justice Sector Institutions have been organising Legal Aid Weeks with a focus on the following major areas of intervention: legal representation for minors in detention centres and providing legal aid services to the general population and prisoners in the form of legal information, education, advice, orientation and written court submissions. The above areas of intervention were maintained for the 2016 edition.

The Legal Aid Week was launched by the Ministry of Justice/ Attorney General in Ndora Sector, Gisagara District, Southern Province.

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Honorable Busingye Johnson, the Ministry of Justice/Attorney General, launching the 2016 Legal Aid Week

The Minister of Justice, Johnston Busingye says that the Legal Aid Week will be held for the 7th time and is expected to provide legal aid to children, women inmates and others but with much emphasis on completing the execution of Gacaca judgments related to wealth at national level.

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Gisagara residents listening the launch remarks

“We want to put much emphasis on concluding Gacaca verdicts. Only few judgments remain at national level since they are under 5%. We believe that we will try our best during this week to execute remaining judgments in a way that keeps supporting unity and reconciliation of Rwandans,” he said. He requested Rwandans to embrace the culture of resolving disputes.

The Legal Aid Week is organised in collaboration with Legal Aid Forum (LAF) since 2009. The representative of LAF in this event, Frank Mugisha said that they expect good results during the week.

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“In the past, we handled many cases involving children. Currently we have only five cases of children to handle, and we thank the Government institutions particularly the Ministry of Justice for their good collaboration.
Also during the event, the complaints of the population were received and resolved.

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People addressing their complaints to the leaders.


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