Capacity Building

Even within experienced organizations, insufficient attention is often paid to training, continuous professional development, monitoring and evaluation. A LAF baseline survey also found that no legal aid providers had a systematic documentation, monitoring, and evaluation system in place. The Legal Aid Forum quickly developed simple client information forms for members, which were followed by a detailed manual on Monitoring and Evaluation and Reporting in 2010.

LAF has trained 49 trainers and 28 monitoring and evaluation officers on using the manual.In 2009, we launched our Paralegal Practice Manual, and have trained 401 paralegals and 86 MAJ legal officers. Members continue to use the manual for ongoing trainings.

Given the success of these two documents, we will continue to develop practical tools for use by member organizations.

In consultations with our members about their needs, we have conducted trainings for our member organizations on:
- Strategic planning and project drafting
- Advocacy, lobbying and networking
- Proposal writing and fundraising
- Financial management and reporting
- Leadership and change management
- Designing an organizational strategic plan
- English language skills

Our process for monitoring the impact of our trainings showed that participants were actively implementing what they learned from the courses. Members reported increased confidence and skills in running their projects and organizations, and in recording their challenges and successes.


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