Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Justice

The "Citizen Monitoring of the Justice Sector in Rwanda" project was developed to increase the responsiveness of Rwanda’s justice services towards the concerns of citizens, especially women, regarding the provision of justice services. The study aimed to assess the current framework of interaction between justice institutions and citizens, and suggest possible actions for improvement.

The main topics developed for the study are: the availability and accessibility of legal services, the settlement of disputes out of court vis-à-vis the formal court system and the awareness of rights with a focus on land rights, the right to participation, and the enforcement of court judgments.

We aim to show that empowering citizens to provide feedback on the quality of justice services they receive will make civil society more effective in holding justice sector duty bearers to account.

The overall aim of the study is to increase the responsiveness of Rwanda’s justice service providers to the concerns expressed by citizens, especially women, regarding the provision of justice services. The specific objectives of the study are to empower citizens, especially indigent and vulnerable women, by providing them with an opportunity to share their concerns regarding the accessibility and effectiveness of the justice system in Rwanda.

We aim to increase the opportunities and capabilities of civil society, specifically of LAF and its members, to access, analyze and communicate aggregated citizen feedback about the justice system and use it to influence policy makers and the public debate through communication and advocacy.

We hope to increase the willingness of Rwandan justice institutions to listen to the expressed concerns of citizens, especially vulnerable groups such as women, and act upon it by reforming policies and practices around justice services accordingly and create a feedback loop so that citizens feel empowered that the information they have provided is capable of making a difference.


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