The Legal Aid Forum (LAF) addresses challenges to access to justice, the observation and respect of human rights, and gender equality. LAF is a membership-based network of 38 NGOs, professional bodies, universities, legal aid clinics, faith-based organizations and trade unions that provide or support legal aid services to the indigent Rwandan population or vulnerable groups. LAF allows member organizations to share information and best practices and to collaborate in capacity building, research and evidence-based advocacy to address the social challenges we face.

The intended impact for our work is threefold. First, we aim to directly improve the lives of the clients with whom we provide direct legal services. Second, we aim to improve the general capacity of the members of our network and justice sector service providers (police, judges, local authorities, etc.) to properly serve vulnerable Rwandans and ensure access to justice. Lastly, we aim to influence policy changes in Rwanda to impact the policies and laws that affect the vulnerable people we serve. LAF works closely with the Ministry of Justice, civil society organizations, local authorities, and donor agencies to achieve these goals.


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