Fifty lawyers, legal aid providers train in efficient use of IECMS

Posted on: September, 6th,2023 / News

The training held from Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th August 2023, is organized by the Legal Aid Forum (LAF) as part of the Dufatanye Kubaka Ubutabera (DKU) Activity, a project supported by USAID/Rwanda.

Lawyer Jean Paul Ibambe, Senior Capacity Development Officer at LAF, highlighted that the primary goal of this three-day training is to build and strengthen the capacity of justice sector professionals in effectively utilizing the Integrated Electronic Case Management System.

The training taking place at the Institute Of Legal Practice And Development (ILPD) is structured to enhance participants’ skills in navigating and utilizing the IECMS, aiming to reduce errors and associated consequences, and ensuring accurate and reliable data management.

Ibambe further emphasized that the specific objectives of this program include promoting professionalism among users to provide high-quality assistance to the public when using IECMS for filing complaints, increasing participants’ familiarity with IECMS features, and enabling them to utilize its functionalities efficiently.

Young lawyers who are serving as intern advocates at the Rwanda Bar Association have perceived this training as a valuable opportunity. They see it as a means to gain comprehensive insights into the use of IECMS and to equip themselves with essential knowledge and skills to become proficient in its application.

Kuete Kuete Cecile Alida, an intern advocate, expressed her thoughts on the significance of the training: “The significant role of IECMS within the Rwandan justice system is widely acknowledged. As a young lawyer, this training offers me a valuable chance to comprehensively understand this important system, empowering me with comprehensive knowledge and skills. This, in turn, allows me to master the system and greatly benefit my career.”

The IECMS has been operational since January 2016, and over the years, various institutions within the Justice Sector have adopted and utilized it for enhanced case management.


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