Research and Advocacy

Since its establishment, LAF has had significant success with its advocacy for changes in law, regulations, policy, and practice in the provision of legal aid services, access to justice and the respect and protection of human rights. This success is a result of advocacy based on sound qualitative and quantitative research, and expert legal analysis. LAF presents its findings and recommendations through a range of tools which include the Publishing research reports and position papers, organizing and attending conferences, meetings, events and uses the media, as well as direct engagement with ministries and parliamentarians

Research Reports

Enforcement of Court Judgments and its impacts on Access...

Published on: 2012
Broadening Access to Justice in Rwanda: Analyzing...

Published on: 2011
Monitoring of EDPRS (2008-2012) indicators in the justice sector...

Published on: 2009
Final Report of the Legal Aid Baseline and Needs Analysis...

Published on: 2007

Manuals and Training Modules

Capacity Building

Even though Rwanda has a large number of justice actors, particularly Civil Society Organizations, who support access to justice, it is crucial to step back and assess the effectiveness of legal aid service delivery. We have set out on a mission to develop and strengthen the capacity of Rwanda's legal aid service providers in order to guarantee that every person who requests legal services is greeted with capable service providers and excellent legal services. Both state and non-state legal aid providers, human rights advocates, other actors, and occasionally LAF service recipients are the focus of the capacity-building sessions.

Our Capacity Building beneficiaries